Monthly Culinary Promos

May Special

Tacos that give back!

In recognition of Military Appreciation Month, we're donating a portion of sales from our monthly taco special to a local veteran organization near you! Throughout the month of May, enjoy one ($3.99) or a trio ($10.99) of pollo rojo, pork carnitas or wild fable mushroom tacos. The more you purchase, the more we give back!

Tacos are available in our kitchens as well as a featured item during 'Fresh Takes' every Tuesday.

Off Menu Delights
Off-Menu Delights

Give us your 'Fresh Take'

Our chefs are showcasing their talents with these off-menu offerings. Visit us and let us know your favorites (yup, we want to hear your 'Fresh Take')!

MONDAY 3 sliders
TUESDAY 3 tacos
WEDNESDAY mango chicken - WRAP | PLATE
FRIDAY french dip roast beef

Flavor Contest Winner!

Sprinkle in Some Flavor

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our new Monin® cupcake-flavored syrup for both your hot and iced coffee.

Loyalty Member Promotions

Fresh with Benefits™ members earn points on food, coffee, fuel and more just for being a part of our program.
Check out these exclusive offers below. Not a member? Sign up here!

Fresh with Benefits

Uglies Kettle Chips - Earn $1

Having a Fresh with Benefits™ account just got sweeter with this exclusive promotion available to loyalty members only. Buy any flavor of Uglies Potatoes 2 oz bag and get $1 loaded to your Fresh with Benefits™ account.

Offer available through May 31, 2024

Fresh with Benefits

Functional Beverages - Earn $1 off your next purchase of these products*

Buy any size or flavor of Goldthread Kombucha and $1.00 off any (one) GT's 'Alive' elixirs or Goldthread tonics through June 30, 2024.

Make your day, functional! Functional beverages are drinks designed to have positive effects beyond just taste and hydration.

Benefits Include:

  • Improved gut health
  • Boosted energy & focus
  • Enhanced immunity

*Offer available in the following Alltown Fresh locations: Ayer, Bolton, Fort Edward, Hopkinton, Hudson, Livingston, Plymouth, Schenectady and Waterbury.