Handcrafted & Made To Order

Who We Are

We are a better kind of different.
We are recipes dreamed up at our chef’s kitchen table.
We are what happens when a farm stand meets a restaurant meets roadside convenience.
We are cravings with benefits.
We are craft-roasted coffee beans ground, pressed and poured before your eyes.
We are a bounty of natural, plant-based, and locally sourced options.
We are a master class in made to order.
We are the difference between being full and being fulfilled.
We are Alltown Fresh. A fresh take on everything.

Meet Our Chefs

Our team of chefs work to create innovative, fresh and delicious meals for our guests. Learn more about their backgrounds and how they work to bring the Alltown Fresh vision to life. Learn more about our chefs below, check out our menu to see what they’ve been up to, or send them your latest taste inspiration.


Tony Cascino

Field Chef & Culinary Analytics Manager

Chef Tony has 12+ years of executive chef catering experience. Prior to joining the Alltown Fresh team he was the Corporate Executive Chef at Rebecca’s Culinary Group and owned his own restaurant on the Island of Vieques.  Tony started working in the kitchen at the age of 15 and his favorite dish to cook involves anything with live fire, smoke, and pickles.


Philip Corona

Catering Sales Manager

Phil has been in the events industry for almost 20 years, servicing intimate dinners at the Isabella Steward Gardener Museum, private dinners for the President, and an elaborate gala dinner for over 600 guests. Phil’s favorite part of the industry is when the boat hits rocky waters. The ability to prevent or foresee issues is the most exciting part of his job.


Jason Lord

Field Chef

Jason has been in the Massachusetts culinary scene since high school. His previous experience includes serving as an Executive Chef in well-known eateries such as East Coast Grill, Formaggio South End and Casa Blanca. Jason spent five years at Season to Taste, a farm to table catering company who’s focuses on building relationships with farmers and fishermen to bring the freshest local produce, meats and fish to their guests. When not working or grilling in his backyard, Jason can be found trying to talk his two daughters into going fishing in Westport, MA.