Summer on the Road Featuring Martin and Kelly

The music duo hailing from New England brought their amazing harmonies all around the U.S. this summer. Though life on the road continues on, Martin and Kelly are taking some time to recap their favorite parts of touring with the help of Alltown Fresh.

What was your favorite part about being on tour this summer? Any stops/cities/places in particular that were your favorite?

Our favorite part about being on tour this summer was seeing so much of the country because of music. Wyoming was definitely a newfound favorite, but nothing beats New England in the summer!

You made a few pit stops at Alltown Fresh. What was the go-to menu item that you just had to have?

There are a few! For Jilly- The Hot Honey Quinoa Bowl with herb-roasted free-range chicken or the breakfast burrito and an iced almond milk latte. For Ryan- the Power Smoothie w/ almond milk and add protein powder and the Wagyu Barbacoa Bowl.

How has Alltown Fresh changed your perspective on convenience stores? What made us unique based on your own experiences being on the road?

You’ve spoiled us! We will now go out of our way to make it to an Alltown Fresh location because we haven’t found a stop that can beat the menu items, freshness and quality when you’re on the go.

How did you fall into music? What/who inspires you?

We both had family members who inspired us from a young age. For Jill, it was her grandmother who could light up a room with a keyboard and microphone. For Ryan, he grew up listening to his father play and knew early on that was what he wanted to do.

Any advice for any aspiring musicians as it relates to getting started and life on the road?

Don’t get discouraged, nothing happens overnight in the music industry. Keep your head down and practice, practice, practice!

What’s next for you? Tours? New albums?

We’re still on the road a bit through the end of the year. We’ve also been writing a lot, so hopefully, we’ll be getting some new music recorded in the near future!