Summer on the Road Featuring Houston Bernard

The Oklahoma native hit the road in and around New England this summer with a few pit stops at Alltown Fresh. As he looks to wrap up his tour, Houston reflects on the summer of 2022 and his favorite moments (as well as favorite Alltown Fresh menu items that gave him fuel for life on the road).


What was your favorite part about being on tour this summer? Any stops/cities/places in particular that were your favorite?
I really enjoyed Hampton Beach, Greenwich CT,  and upstate NY. It was an added bonus to have been able to travel, have help with gas and access to healthy food.

You made a few pit stops at Alltown Fresh. What was the go-to menu item that you just had to have?

The Cuban Sandwich was my favorite and the Green Glow Smoothie. I also got the coffee pretty often and would indulge in the kombucha. My favorite snack from the marketplace was PopzUP popcorn, which I had quite a bit.

How has Alltown Fresh changed your perspective on convenience stores? What made us unique based on your own experiences being on the road?

I wish there were more of them, especially nationally because I would definitely spend most of my time there while on the road. This summer, I visited seven locations and may have even gone a little out of my way to make it there. What makes Alltown Fresh unique is obviously the healthy and delicious food, but it’s also the atmosphere. I was able to relax for a moment with the band and we really enjoyed being there.

How did you fall into music? What/who inspires you?

I was born into it, without knowing it. My dad’s side of the family in Oklahoma were all country musicians and when I found that out, it all clicked because I found myself constantly drawn to music and performing.

Any advice for any aspiring musicians as it relates to getting started and life on the road?

Constantly improve, do more listening and learning. Health should be your top priority if you want to last. The whole idea of musicians being irresponsible and prioritizing “partying” went out in the ’90s. If you want to last in this business, you must put your health first.

What’s next for you? Tours? New albums?

I have a bunch of fly-out dates in Texas, San Diego, Upstate NY and then Nashville to record seven new songs in December. Then we have our sites set on starting up 2023 with a new vision that includes the better parts of 2022.