It All Starts Here

The Alltown Fresh Hopkinton location is less than two miles from the Boston Marathon start line and as we all know, “it all starts here.” This year, we’ve partnered with the Hopkinton Running Club, made up of over 200 members from Hopkinton and nearby communities to help keep them fueled during their training.

Of those runners, a few will be participating in the upcoming Boston Marathon on Monday, April 17. Ahead of the big race, we asked them about their training and how Alltown Fresh can be utilized as a vital training partner when it comes to healthy eating.

Name: Brendan Rickert
Training Out Of: Milford, MA

Why are you running the marathon?
This is going to be my fourth Boston and there’s nothing else like it. The energy leading up to the race is infectious. Race day is magical the whole way. The crowds and other runners carry you to Boston. It’s amazing.

What have you learned most about training and eating for a marathon?
With the amount of training you have to do to prepare for the race, it’s a constant battle of getting enough calories throughout the day. More importantly, having good quality food is a must and sometimes you’re just a bit too tired to make something on your own or you’re in a rush and need a good option. Alltown Fresh has met those needs throughout this training cycle and I’m happy to have access to good quality food.

You are a member of the Hopkinton Running Club. Can you share some of the benefits of being a part of it? How does it help you as a runner?
HRC is a wonderful group to be part of whether you are a beginner (remember to sign up for the Couch to 5k Program!) or an experienced runner of 20 years, you can always find someone to train with. It’s a great community to be part of.

What is your favorite item on the Alltown Fresh® menu that would complement your training?
While there’s several great options the Falafel Wrap is the gold medal winner.

What products in the Alltown Fresh®  marketplace would you be interested in using to fuel your race?
I have a particular stomach when it comes to running, specifically before and during. That being said some oatmeal and bananas before a run are a fan favorite of mine. During my run I consume Honey Stingers and/or Maurten Gels.

Any tips for new runners?
Embrace the journey. It’s all about being consistent and having fun. There’s a million reasons why people run, so find the one that makes you happy and hold on to it. Also never skip on dessert, but that’s not exclusive to runners!