Honoring the Families of Claflinville


On Friday, September 30, residents of Hopkinton and Alltown Fresh came together to commemorate the land in which the Alltown Fresh store currently resides. The corner of the site was previously referred to as Claflinville Four Corners where Hopkinton’s “historic founding families” owned the property. In partnership with the Hopkinton Historical Society, two elm trees were planted representing the past and future of Hopkinton and symbolize the strength and stability of the community. On site is also a plaque honoring the families and the homes that once stood.

Among the attendees were Cliff Kistner, Sandy Claflin Altamura and Jeff Dorherty; descendants of the original families. Cliff worked closely with the Alltown Fresh team in providing information about the historical significance of the land as well as input planning the event.

We are grateful to the residents of Hopkinton past and present and are proud to be apart of the community.

See the dedication ceremony via HopNews