Getting to Work with Project Just Because

Each Alltown Fresh location has a perishable food partner that receives donations of fresh sandwiches, salads, and other perishable items to help address the food insecurity in their local communities. Our Alltown Fresh location in Hopkinton, Mass. has partnered with Project Just Because (PJB) in their mission of supporting struggling families in times of great need with basic necessities. PJB has become so busy that they had to relocate to a much larger facility late last year, but never had the time to organize their warehouse to operate more efficiently. Last week was finally that time and they needed all the volunteers they could get.

Global stepped up and came to the PJB’s new warehouse with volunteers across different departments, ERGs, and our Alltown Fresh stores to help. Members of the Working Caregivers ERG even brought their children to help! On Tuesday, June 25, a mighty crew of 21 worked most of the day rearranging the dry goods, sorting clothing, and putting together care packages for other agencies to pick up.  An incredible lunch by Alltown Fresh gave the team just the energy they needed to get PJB’s warehouse in working order.