Faces in the Kitchen with Chef Jason Lord

Faces in the Kitchen with Chef Jason Lord

Jason has been in the Massachusetts culinary scene since high school. His previous experience includes serving as an executive chef at East Coast Grill, Formaggio South End and Casa Blanca. Now at Alltown Fresh, Jason serves as a field chef where he works events, supports store culinary teams with training and execution and implements new systems.


What is your favorite part about working for Alltown Fresh?

Alltown Fresh is very similar to where my career started which was smaller ‘mom and pop’ style restaurants. I really enjoy having the ability to work with, and connect, with so many people across New England. It’s extremely fulfilling to teach, coach, serve and inform such a large audience about all of the amazing things we do at Alltown Fresh.

What made you want to work in culinary as a career?

Growing up in an very Italian family, I would spend time in the kitchen with my grandmother, aunt and mom. We would cook for hours making gnocchi, pizzelle or breaking down Christmas eels that were swimming around in the bathtub during the holidays. Once I found out that this could be a career, my mind was blown and I was all in!

 Who is your biggest role model?

Chris Schlesinger, Chef/Owner of the now closed East Coast Grill. His mentorship during my time there (and even after) has been invaluable throughout my career.

If you could share a meal with anyone, who would it be and what dish would you eat?

I would love to share a rack of ribs and a PBR with Julia Child while she told me old stories about France and Jacques Pepin.

What is your advice for young chefs and people looking to make a career in culinary?

This industry takes the patience of a school teacher, the stamina of a race car driver, and willingness to pick yourself up and do it over and over again. Stay humble and kick butt because there are few things as rewarding.