Faces in the Kitchen with Alltown Fresh Vice President, Chef Joshua Smith

Hailing from the Four Seasons Hotel and founder of New England Charcuterie, Chef Joshua Smith is not your average chef. In fact, nothing about his culinary ascent has been merely average. Today Josh serves as the Vice President of Alltown Fresh where he creates and designs our kitchens, develops the menus, and leads a culinary team of skilled chefs.

Josh CookWhat is your favorite part about working for Alltown Fresh? 

Each day, I have the opportunity to innovate food on the go while making high-quality and fresh locally-sourced products for our guests traveling throughout New England. I continue to strive to reinvent the way we see and interact with our local neighbor market while making strides in redefining what the convenience store experience looks like in the US.

What made you want to work in culinary as a career?

I liked the ability to feed myself initially, but it was a culture of team and discipline that I desired. From there, I fell in love with feeding guests and making memorable experiences. I really enjoy having the ability to feed the local community and become an active member in creating jobs and developing teammates to find their voice and creativity.

Who is your biggest role model?

I look up to Jocko Willink. He has written books on leadership and personal development that I read and listen to often to push myself to be the best I can be for my family and my team. My mantra is discipline equals freedom. In order to be an effective leader, you need to lean on the fact that it is a daily skill that must be learned and developed over time; which is highlighted throughout what Jocko writes and discusses. Being able to work on this and take ownership of your own actions and influence is a way of life.

If you could share a meal with anyone, who would it be and what dish would you eat?

Jocko Willink. I would cook a 131 degree Wagyu Ribeye with wood fired mushrooms and charred rabe.

What is your advice for young chefs and people looking to make a career in culinary?

Find a Chef or restaurant that interest you. Show up early, be the last to leave, LISTEN, take notes, do WHATEVER IT TAKES. Be willing to work nights and weekends, holidays and understand it is a lifestyle. Be patient as repetition is the key to excellence. Being a chef is to do a lot of little things really well. It is no big task but a ton of little ones you must focus on.