Embrace the Grill

Embrace GrillOutdoor cooking season is here!! Whether you are a BBQ master or a rookie ready to get those grills fired up, this is the place for you. Alltown Fresh Chef Jason Lord shares his top five grilling tips, tricks, and delights when it comes to having family BBQs in his backyard.

  1. Embrace the Joy of Grilling
    Pour a glass of rose, crack open the newest IPA, shake up a mocktail and get your butcher apron on. Grilling isn’t just about cooking; it’s about creating moments of joy and excitement with the people you are with. Make sure to infuse every moment with fun and enthusiasm.
  2. Heat Management: Finding the Perfect Balance
    Whether you are using gas or wood/coal, the key to your success in grilling lies in heat management. Jason prefers to have one side of his grill extremely hot while the other side is more temperature controlled.l. With this, he can sear on the hot side and find a cozy spot to rest on the chill side.
  3. Salt: Flavor Enhancer
    Salt is your friend (unless your doctor says not). Don’t skip seasoning your vegetables and/or meats. Jason advises tossing things (such as chicken wings) with the same rub or seasoning and some oil with a blast of citrus or vinegar right when they come off the grill. This will lead to maximum taste bud satisfaction.
  4. Mise en Place: The French Art of Preparation
    Mise en place, meaning “put in place” in French, implies that ingredients, toolsand everything else are gathered and organized before the cooking begins. Organization is key, and it all starts with putting everything in its place.
  5. Don’t Be a Meat ‘Hammerer’
    Invest in a reliable meat thermometer and find the temperature that is right for you. Say goodbye to overcooked, dry pork chops, and hello to juicer, tender and even better meals cooked to your preferred doneness.

Stay tuned for Jason’s next blog, Grilling Vegetables. Until then, fire up those grills and let the culinary adventures begin. A quick reminder: have fun and savor every moment of your BBQ adventures.