A Week of Wins!

Remember that VH1 show, “Best Week Ever” (or are we aging ourselves…gulp!)?

Well, whether you were born with a nine or a zero in front of your birth year, you’ll understand why Alltown Fresh is beaming after a successful week of celebrations, events and awards – and the food was pretty good, too.


Let’s kick things off with our Fifth Anniversary Celebration in Plymouth, MA.

Alltown Fresh PhotoAlltown Fresh Photo

On Tuesday, April 30, the team in Plymouth celebrated a large milestone of the brand. This location was the very first Alltown Fresh store and is among the most popular to date. When we opened in 2019 we had 33 employees on site, and as we stand today, we have over 300 across our locations in the northeast. Various partners and supporters were in attendance, including members of the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, representatives from the South Shore Community Action Council, both the Plymouth Police and Fire departments and town leaders and representatives.

We are so excited to be 5 years strong and continue to look to the future as an industry leader both in the retail convenience space as well as energy.

See the full recap of events:

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2023 Business of the Year Award

On Wednesday, May 1, our Marlborough and Hudson locations were awarded the 2023 Business of the Year from the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce (MRCC). We are honored to be recognized by the Chamber and its members and look forward to continuing to work with them.


The World’s Largest Taco Tour

Alltown Fresh PhotoWe wrapped up the week on Thursday, May 2 at Manchester, New Hampshire’s Taco Tour. With over 25,000 expected attendees, our team was armed with enough hot sauce to serve the whole community! We cooked up our traditional smoked pork tacos as well as our new Fable mushroom as a vegetarian offering. Though the rain may have dampened the temperature, it didn’t impact our spirit. We look forward to returning to the event next year as our fourth showing of participation.