Alltown Fresh CoffeeTM


Freshness and Flavor In Every Sip

From bean-to-cup-to-sip-to-ahhhh-that’s-fresh, - Alltown Fresh Coffee™ is good down to its last drop. Roasted in small batches and brewed on demand from Swiss-made bean-to-cup machines, guests receive the freshest quality and taste of coffee possible any time, any day.

Yes, it’s that fresh and we know this because our coffee is brewed to meet the Specialty Coffee Association’s (SCA) Golden Cup Standard. This standard is a set of specifications and guidelines that aim to define the ideal brewing parameters for coffee to achieve a high-quality cup with exceptional flavor, balance and consistency. These aspects include coffee-to-water ratio, water temperature, grind size, brewing time, taste and sensory evaluation, brewing equipment and water quality. So in short, we care a lot about having the best tasting and highest quality coffee around.

Let’s Spill the Beans

Alltown Fresh Coffee beans are locally roasted in Windsor, Connecticut and are made to order so you are receiving fresh, quality beans in every serving. Each roast has its own unique roast profile that has been perfected to highlight each coffee’s flavor profile. Whatever blend you choose, you can be confident knowing that it has been thoughtfully curated and crafted for you.

Signature Blend (Medium Roast)

bright and crisp with notes of fruit and toasted nuts

Dark Roast

rich and full-bodied with notes of chocolate

Colombian (Medium Roast)

vibrant and complex with notes of citrus and brown sugar


a balanced decaf with notes of fruit and toasted nuts

Double the Delight: Hot or Iced

Whether you’re hot for tradition or iced for adventure, both varieties of our blends are available all year round and in a variety of sizes. Just like the temperatures in the northeast, our seasonal flavors change, too. Drop in to experience exciting offerings like pumpkin spice, coconut, Irish cream and more throughout the year.

Alltown Fresh Coffee Trailer

A Fresh Take On Your Coffee Break

The Alltown Fresh Coffee Trailer serves up our delicious bean-to-cup hot and iced coffee at events across the northeast. Equipped with all the extras like milk, cream and sugar – you can have it just the way you like it. Catch us on the road in a town or city near you.