Alltown Fresh Coffee

We’re dedicated to bringing our guests a boutique coffee shop experience in a convenient and affordable on-the-go setting. Our coffee is always roasted in small batches to deliver the most fresh cup of coffee possible.

Coffee Cups

Custom Blends

Our beans are locally roasted in Connecticut, and we offer blends from around the world including fair trade and organic choices such as Monadnock Blend, Stratton Blend, Sumatra Takengon, and more.

Fair Trade Organic Choices

We are committed to ensuring the sustainability of small farms. Buying Fair Trade Certified Coffee means you’re helping protect farmers’ livelihood by ensuring they receive a fair price for their coffee.

Single Origin

To deliver a premium experience with unique tasting coffee, we offer single origin coffee beans which are derived from a single geographic area. Our sourcing methods lead to the highest quality, flavor, and character in your cup of coffee.

Bean-to-Cup Machines

Our Swiss-made bean-to-cup machines are specially designed to deliver guests the most fresh cup of coffee possible. Beans are instantly pressed right in front of you under five bars of pressure for maximum flavor.

Made to Order Coffee Beverages

*Certain items and flavors may not be available at all locations.