Fuel For the Finish Line – The Fresh Way

It takes a lot to get through any athletic event: agility, strength, speed, focus, motivation and most of all, energy. Having a proper nutrition plan while training is crucial in ensuring your body has all the right needs to perform. In the spirit of spring and running season, Brandeis University Fitness Coordinator, Kat Page, has some great tips to help you feed your body right with the help of some Alltown Fresh® products and meals right in our stores!

Meet Kat:

  • Fitness Coordinator at Brandeis University
  • MS in Exercise Science
  • Has run at least one marathon in all 50 states + 20 other marathons
  • Runs at least one marathon per month


Advice: Whether you are a new or seasoned runner, there can be various questions about how to best fuel your body pre and post-race. To note: each runner’s needs, tolerance, and training patterns vary greatly and these are suggestions

What should runners eat before race day?
Carbs are really good. You should also consider adding in protein and other foods that agree with your body.


Should they eat anything before the race starts/while en route?
Everyone/every body is different, but I’d say most runners drink coffee, eat bread/bagel with peanut butter or oatmeal the morning of race day. I like half a bagel with peanut butter two hours before the race. En route, people will do GU (energy gel packs), pretzels, gummies etc. It really varies based on what your body responds to and how you feel.

How much should runners be eating or drinking before the race?
Again, every body is different, but hydration is key. Stay away from eating things that you haven’t eaten before – keep it consistent during your training runs up through race day.

Is carbo-loading true?
I believe in it!

What is a good fueling plan during the race?
It’s best to start fueling BEFORE you are hungry or think you need it. I start an energy gel at mile 4 and have about 2-3 packets throughout the race.

How do you think Alltown Fresh® can help support runners with our offerings?
Alltown Fresh has a wide variety fresh foods/meals that are great for pre, during and post-race. There is great portioning of complex carbs, proteins and healthy fats. The menu has all the ingredients so you can stick to what you are most comfortable eating and what fuels you.

What is your recovery meal?
It depends, but I always drink a protein drink or chocolate milk and then try to get a well-balanced meal of carbs, fats and proteins to refuel.

What items would you recommend off the AF menu that you would eat pre and post-race?
Coffee/caffeine (most runners), bagel with cc, egg sandwich for pre-race and any of the salads with protein. The sandwiches and/or bowls would be perfect for post-race, and smoothies are always a good way to get your fruits and veggies and to refuel!!